Keebler Is Releasing Make-A-Wreath Cookie Kits That You Can Decorate For The Holidays

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While we’re decorating our Halloween cookies of Mickie and Minnie Mouse from scratch, there’s no reason why we can’t have the same creativity for Christmas which by the way, is only 76 days away… I know.

So while we’re preparing for Halloween, we must also think about Santa’s favorite day of the year because as we all know, after one holiday is finished the other is right around the corner.

Preparing for the Christmas holiday is stressful and that’s why Keebler is making it easy this year, at least regarding the baking portion of Christmas!


Keebler is introducing a do it a yourself kit with all the fixings you need to bake for holiday cookies.

One box includes 4 wreath-shaped shortbread cookies and green frosting! Nerds, Chewy Lemonhead, and Spree candies are also included to help make your wreaths go from a plain shortbread cookie to a festive and colorful holiday cookie!


So far, no news has released regarding when this festive snack will have their spot on the shelf but we can only assume it will be in the next month or two before Christmas!


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