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Spooky candles are a staple in Halloween decor and if you’re looking for a make it yourself project that will save you money, I found just the thing on Facebook that might tickle your fancy.

If you have a pool you might already have the main item to start to your DIY project and that is, pool noodles.

Pool noodles, rubber bands, hot glue, and flameless candles is all you need to create your own stack of spooky Halloween candles!

From the looks of the photo, grab a few pool noodles, cut them in different sizes and wrap rubber bands around the entire stack.

Then, use your hot glue to create fake wax dripping down your candles and hot glue the flameless candles on the top of each pool noodle. After your finished with these steps, the “hard part” is finished!

Now the rest is up to you regarding whether or not you want to use spray paint or other decorations to make your DIY project even more spookier!

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