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Rumor Has It, McDonald’s Boo Buckets Are Returning This October and I Can’t Wait

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Grab a chair dear reader because the news you’re about to read might just buckle your knees.

Are you sitting? Okay good.

Last October, McDonald’s brought back one of their most exciting products and no, I’m not talking about a menu item, this time.

While we’re always in favor of reuniting with a discounted food item, the golden arches decided to bring back something even more nostalgic than a long lost menu item for last year’s Halloween season.

Courtesy of @wildgravity

Enter, the famous Boo Buckets.

So while you may be asking, why does last year’s Boo Bucket return matter today, well that’s because the decorative Halloween pails are supposedly returning again this year!

Courtesy of @leslielove143_

Although the release date for the Boo Buckets and the design of each pail are still unknown!

So if you were able to snag one of the Happy Meal pails last year, you may just have a vintage Boo Bucket on your hands if the style of the three pails do change this year!

Courtesy of @mserinblair

Now if the design of the Boo Buckets do completely change this Halloween, we wonder what they could be.

Will the pumpkin, the witch, and the ghost remain on the Boo Buckets with only subtle changes that feature an updated version or will the decorate pails completely change designs?

Courtesy of McDonald’s

We’re thinking maybe a mummy, vampires, or even wizards for this year’s Boo Bucket design?

While we don’t have all of the answers yet, McDonald’s Boo Buckets supposedly return this October according to @snackolator while supplies last!

Courtesy of @snackolator

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