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Cobra Kai Is The Best Thing On TV And I Will Fight Anyone That Says Different

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If you aren’t watching Cobra Kai on Netflix, then are you even paying attention?

For those that haven’t watched the most popular series in America, let me just get you caught up real quick. Cobra Kai is the continuation of the Karate Kid movie from the eighties that we all loved so much.


Except that Danny LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence are all grown up with teenage kids of their own.

Which makes sense, because I spent most of my childhood dreaming about them both, and I am now grown up with a teenage kid of my own.

They end up battling it out in the most 80’s style karate way possible, with warring Karate Dojos.

Look, I don’t know a Dojo from my foot, but I do know that I am obsessed with the drama this show is throwing down.

Do you remember when you first saw the Karate Kid get that crane kick? The feeling you had that you never thought you would ever feel again?

The day you knew that, now and for the rest of your life you would fight for the underdog no matter what happened?

That’s exactly what Cobra Kai makes you feel. Except that you aren’t sure who the underdog is anymore. And it’s awesome.

Stop literally everything else you have going on in your life right now and watch Cobra Kai. You will thank me.

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