Starbucks Buy One, Get One Drinks Are Back This Week. Here’s What You Need to Know

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Starbucks understands that in this extreme heat, one iced coffee is simply not enough to cool down. 

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Which is why the coffee chain is offering more than one drink for the price of one in return of one small favor! 

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Yes, the BOGO deal is back at Starbucks after a LONG hiatus.

Skip the long lines in stores and order ahead through the app, and Starbucks will reward you with two drinks in hand for the price of one! 

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That’s right, the green mermaid is enchanting every cup by doubling your order right in front of you with the new BOGO deal in the Starbucks’ app. 

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Simply login (and if you don’t have an account, what are waiting for?), and find the deal on your home screen; you can also find the coupon in your inbox or by clicking the offers tab in the bottom right corner.

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Just keep in mind that this deal will either show “buy one, get one in the app” written out or it may offer 150 stars which is also equal to a free drink!

People are seeing different offers (some aren’t seeing the offer at all) so make sure to check your app!

And the best part is that this deal is not limited to any one specific drink; order any beverage you wish to gulp down on these very hot days to activate the buy one, get one offer. 

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Your free drink is waiting for you.

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