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Oreo Released New Gingerbread Cookies That Brings The Holiday Spirit Early This Year

All hail Oreo cookies! Not only has the vanilla stuffed cookie brought back their gingerbread flavored Oreo snacks, but they have since improved on the limited edition flavor.

First let’s conquer the looks of the packaging. The massive gingerbread house on the front of the package with the snowy white background, literally screams “Happy Holidays” and I’m not sad about it.

The previously released gingerbread flavor Oreos released were marketed with a bright yellow background and a giant gingerbread man on the front; if you ask me, the design gave more of an autumn vibe rather than a cold winter night.

This time around, they’ve changed the color back to their original blue, plus, they added five different festive designs marked on the top of each cookie.

Oreos has also added crunchy sugar crystals and if you look closely, the cream appears white with red specks. Therefore, I’m guessing the gingerbread flavor will come from the cookie rather than the cream filling.

You can find the festive cookies at Walgreens and since they are limited edition, I’m grabbing the first pack I see since I’m assuming the sandwich cookies won’t be around after the holidays.

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