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Move Over Ugly Christmas Sweaters, Ugly Halloween Sweaters Are This Year’s Hottest Trend

Halloween is my JAM and aside from Halloween decorations and costumes, I do love all the Halloween attire including Halloween sweaters.

If you just went “SAME” then you need to know about these ugly Halloween sweaters. Although, I actually find them cute not ugly.

You know how ugly Christmas sweaters are thing for holiday parties? Well, you can forget about those. These ugly Christmas sweaters are the new hot trend!

As an added bonus you can totally wear them as a costume on Halloween. DOUBLE score! as the brilliant minds behind these sweaters. In fact, you may remember them from last year when they initially released their ugly Halloween sweaters.

But guess what?! They are back with new designs! Ahhhh!

There are a total of 6 new designs for this year, but the designs from last year are available too. They’re all unisex, and made with a soft cotton and acrylic yarn blend.

Oh, and they have kids’ sizes too! I am totally get some for my kids!

Truthfully I want – no, NEED them ALL. They are so cute. I mostly love that skull one though.

You can shop the ugly Halloween sweaters here. They are $39.99 each. Many of them are available beginning September 23, 2020.

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