There Will Be A Solar and Lunar Eclipse Happening Next Month and I’m So Excited

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This year has brought us many astronomical events. Between astroids, comets and shooting stars, we can be grateful for the immaculate presentation up above!

This year has been tough no doubt, but at least space has been giving us a show to watch during these dark moments.

And it looks like we’re just getting started because believe or not, we will be able to see both a Solar and Lunar Eclipse next month!


The last lunar eclipse happened in July of last year.

The most recent solar eclipse hasn’t occurred since August 2017, so we are definitely due for another! However, it’s super rare for two eclipses to show in the same month, so you can say, we are definitely in for a treat!

Starting the first week of June, the lunar eclipse also known as the “Strawberry Moon Eclipse”, will happen first, so keep your eyes peeled on June 5th. The solar eclipse will occur almost a week and a half later on the 21st.

According to the Space Tourism Guide, the solar eclipse will put on an extra special show this year.

Supposedly, the annular solar eclipse will look like a “ring of fire” this year, due to the moon almost completely covering the sun. What’s left, is a circle of light circling the moon from the sun, ultimately creating the illusion of a “ring of fire”.


Keep in mind when looking at the solar eclipse you need to protect your eyes.


When viewing the Celestial event, remember to not stare directly at the moon or the sun.

Individuals should also make sure to purchase special eclipse glasses to be able to look at the solar eclipse safely, without causing any damage to the naked eye.

Remember, cameras, binoculars and other devices should not be pointed directly at the solar eclipse, as damage can occur to your camera lenses and your eyes without the proper protection.

You can choose from a variety of solar eclipse glasses for cheap of off Amazon!


Although if you presume that you might not receive your glasses in time, you can make your own at home in just three short steps!


So make sure to mark your calendars because you won’t want to miss out on two unique Celestial events happening next month!

I know that the solar eclipse is supposed to be the star of the show, but is it bad I’m more excited for the lunar eclipse because I can’t wait to see the moon turn pink, my FAVORITE color?!!


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