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This Little Girl Was Rescued After She Was Found Floating On An Inflatable Unicorn Off The Coast Of Greece

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A little girl, who was swept out to sea on her Unicorn Inflatable, was rescued by the crew on a ferry off the coast of Greece.

The current was very strong, and the girl ended up being swept out to sea before her parents even realized what was going on.


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Can you just imagine being on that ferry? They look out, and a little girl is clinging, frozen in fear, to the neck of her unicorn, just bobbing around in the choppy current.

Courtesy of frankp75 on TikTok

The little girl, who was about four years old according to the Independent, was floating in the middle of the ocean, swept out to sea by the super choppy Gulf of Corinth off the coast of Antirrio in western Greece.

Thank goodness, the current brought the little girl on the unicorn closer to the ferry, and people on the ferry were able to grab her out of the ocean.

Courtesy of The Greek City Times

The whole thing was caught on camera by one of the passengers on the ferry.

I was approaching the port of Antirio and I was notified by the Port Authority that a child, who I did not expect to be so small, had been swept away by the currents on a nearby beach, which is near the port pier.

Captain Grigoris Karnesis to the Greek City Times

Oddly enough, this is not the first time someone has been picked up by a ferry in this locale.

Local media reports that an elderly man, who had floated out to see on an inflatable mattress, was rescued from the strong current of the ocean by yet another ferry.

So, bottom line, don’t get on flotation devices in the ocean on the outskirts of Greece!

Courtesy of frankp75 on TikTok

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