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Totino’s New Toastables Come In Pepperoni Pizza and Chicken Quesadilla Flavors And I Can’t Wait To Try Them

Is anyone in the mood for pizza? Hold on wait, that was a silly question; let me rephrase, who here wants pizza everyday for breakfast, lunch and probably dinner too!

Totino’s has stepped out of their comfort zone from pizza rolls and has now indulged in quesadillas while of course, revamping their pizza empire too.

Totino’s has made it more simpler than ever to snack on something you enjoy and to have it in your hands within minutes. I’m assuming since the brand named the new product “Toastables”, they’re inferring that their cheesy snacks can go right into the Toaster.

The faster I can get a bite of pizza in my mouth, the happier I’ll be.

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NEW From Totinos Toastables -Chicken quesadilla -Pepperoni

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Now let’s talk details. The two new snacks both include a crispy crust but the inside is where things get tricky and by tricky, I mean exciting!

The new Toastables Pepperoni is filled with seasoned pepperoni (that’s made with pork, chicken, and beef), sauce, and finally, cheese. The Chicken Quesadilla is stuffed with grilled chicken, a cheesy blend, and lastly tomato puree.

pepperoni slices in dish

Both sound delicious and since toasters already come with two outlets, it makes sense to throw in one of each Totino’s new snacks for lunch.

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Something to keep in mind this Friday ☝️

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