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These S’mores Bomb Pops Have A Marshmallow Swirl Middle and Come Covered in Chocolate

Now, when I think about Bomb Pops, I think about the brightly colored red, white, and blue pops on a stick, that we eat all summer long. They are a staple in our freezer during those hot summer months.

BUT, not this time, and I’m dying of excitement just a little bit!

Now, the Bomb Pops we know and love are coming out with a Bomb Pop Middles flavor in S’Mores, and I am truly giddy!

According to the package, these are a Graham Cracker Frozen Dairy Dessert, Dipped in a Chocolatey Coating, with a Burst of Marshmallow Swirl in the Middle.

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Can you say YUM!

These beauties have been found at Harris Teeter, so you know they are already rolling out to stores.

There is hardly a better summer-time flavor combination than the campfire s’mores, and I’m fully ready to enjoy the heck out of them.

Bomb Pops are also bringing out a Chocolate Caramel Sundae flavor in this Bomb Pops Middles treat, and I can’t wait to experience both flavors!

Which one your YOU most looking forward to trying?

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