A Travel Guide Anthony Bourdain Worked on Before His Death Is Set To Be Released In October

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Anthony Bourdain was a beloved unapologetic celebrity chef, author, world traveler, and foodie. He tragically passed away about a year and a half ago, and the world lost a true treasure.

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If there is a bright side to this story, Mr. Bourdain was working on a final travel guide — World Travel: An Irreverent Guide — with his partner, Laurie Woolever, and it will be released in October.

In World Travel, a life of experience is collected into an entertaining, practical, fun and frank travel guide that gives readers an introduction to some of his favorite places—in his own words. Featuring essential advice on how to get there, what to eat, where to stay and, in some cases, what to avoid, World Travel provides essential context that will help readers further appreciate the reasons why Bourdain found a place enchanting and memorable.

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He was known for his sarcastic wit, and his comments that pulled-no-punches when it came to the culinary world. We are sure to get some of this genius advice and matter-of-fact commentary in this posthumously release travel guide.


In World Travel: An Irreverent Guide, readers will get to virtually travel in Anthony’s footsteps as he travels, eats, and visits some of his favorite — and sometimes not-so-favorite — world locations.


The book will also contain stories from those that were closest to Anthony. It is sure to be a WONDERFUL read!


The book is set to drop on October 13th, and I can’t wait!


This book can already be purchased as a pre-order on Amazon. The hardcover will cost you $40, and you can also get a Kindle version for $12.


I would normally just get the Kindle version, but I have preordered my Hard Cover copy. I think it will be THAT great. I want to have it easily accessible on my bookshelf.


Anthony Bourdain saw more of the world than nearly anyone. His travels took him from the hidden pockets of his hometown of New York to a tribal longhouse in Borneo, from cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, Paris, and Shanghai to Tanzania’s utter beauty and the stunning desert solitude of Oman’s Empty Quarter―and many places beyond.


Get ready for a full 432 pages of awesome advice and stories from this unapologetic world traveler and true advocate of the culinary cuisine he experienced along the way.

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