You Can Get Giant Inflatable Chickens So You Can Play The Chicken Fight Game In Your Pool

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Summer is SO close! And getting in the pool is the first thing on my mind! I need some sun bathing, splishing and splashing if you know what I mean!

And we just found this AMAZING new pool game that needs to be on the top of EVERYONE’s list to buy!!!


Let’s face it, we probably all played the “Chicken Fight” game in the pool as kids. You get on someone’s shoulders and fight someone else who is on someone else’s shoulders.

There was a lot of flailing as I recall and as much as the idea sounded good, it wasn’t quite right.

But now there’s a solution! And the most perfect (and adorable) solution if you ask me!


Introducing inflatable chickens you can now ride instead of sitting on someone’s shoulders! They are bruised and ready for battle!


This Chicken Fight! Inflatable Pool Float Game Set includes 2 Giant Inflatable Chicken Floats for your and your friends to flip each other on!


Mount your chicken ride-on water float and wrestle your friend off theirs! No four people required anymore with the awkward flailing around! These are easy to use, easy to set up and usable from kids ages 3 and even for adults!


These chickens are nearly 5-foot-long, and support up to 250 pounds each when fully inflated. The materials are super thick, making it hard for tears and punctures to happen.


No matter what kind of summer you have planned, these are a MUST have. They are available on Amazon for $59.95 for the set. Grab them before they fly away! Get it…cause they’re birds? No?

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