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‘Brain Succulents’ Exist and I’m Planting Some For Halloween

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Braiiiiinnnnsss! The zombies are coming!!

Anyone else play Plants vs Zombies? I love that game and that is exactly what I thought about when I found these “Brain Succulents”. They are creepy cool!

These are actually known as a “brain cactus” and the succulent is native to central Mexico, according to Succulent City.

This creepy cool plant is a rare form of the Mammillaria Elongata cactus, which typically grows straight. However, due to mutation or damage to its center of growth, the stems grow in a big clump.

So, yep it’s basically a mutated plant which makes it ever CREEPIER and perfect for Halloween.

You can either buy the Brain Succulent Seeds on Amazon for around $11.00 (free shipping) or you can buy a pre-grown brain succulent plant on Etsy.

Oh, and I totally think this would look PERFECT on the inside of a Hanging Skeleton Planter, don’t you? A brain succulent inside a skull planter, YESSSSS!

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