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Lady Gaga’s Dogs Have Been Stolen After Her Dog Walker Was Shot

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What in the heck? Seriously, is this what people are doing now?

It was just reported that Lady Gaga’s Dogs have been stolen after her dog walker was shot. OMG that is horrible!


According to reports, Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot and her two French bulldogs, Koji and Gustav, were stolen Wednesday night in Hollywood.


The dog walker is recovering well and will be okay – thank goodness!


As for the dogs, nobody knows where they are. A source told CNN that Lady Gaga “is offering half-a-million dollars to anyone who has her two dogs, no questions asked. Anyone who has the dogs can use this email, KojiandGustav@gmail.com to retrieve the reward.”


The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said a man was shot during a robbery before 10 p.m. and was transported to the hospital in stable condition.


The male suspect took the two bulldogs from the victim, used a semi-automatic handgun and fled the scene in a white sedan, according to police.

I am so glad the dog walker is okay but I sure hope Lady Gaga gets her babies back!

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  1. The dog walker was shot before 10pm, isn’t that a little late to be walking dogs, especially Frenchies. Glad to hear dog walker is okay. Hope the dogs get returned and jail time for the shooter

  2. The first issue with this article is the headline. As if the public cares more about Lady Gaga’s dogs being taken then they do about a person being shot? This clickbait garbage is saturating the internet and everyone is worse off because of it. Maybe attempt to write an article worth reading. Just once. You might find it rewarding. The second issue, is that this article reads as though it were written by a tween. I should’ve known better by the name of the website, but live and learn I suppose.

    1. @Krista Dionne, obviously you don’t own pets!

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