Guess What? This Is The Last Full Week The Sun Will Set Before 6 P.M.

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Spring is coming, summer is only a few months away and warmer weather is just around the corner!

You know when the spring and summer season is getting closer when the sun starts to set later in the day and not at 4 p.m.

Does it make anyone else super tired to see the sun set before dinner?

Me too.


Thankfully, warmer weather is upon us and this week marks the last few days you will see the sun set before 6 p.m.!


Now of course if you live on the east coast and your best friend just moved to the west coast, the time you see the sun set will not be exactly the same.

The west coast will see their last sunset before 6 p.m. this Friday and for the east coast, Tuesday will be the last day to see darkness fall before 6 in the evening!

The next time the sun will set before 6 p.m. will be in November.

More sunlight during the day means more time to get stuff done, take a walk outside, get organized, play sports, exercise and get your game on!

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