This Fan Theory About The Pregnancy Announcement in Season 2 of ‘You’ Makes So Much Sense

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Guuuurl. Did you watch season 2 of YOU? Seat. Of. Your. Pants.


Seriously, you might want to sit down for this…

I am about to drop some MAJOR spoilage, so you might want to stop reading this, and go binge watch season 2. I’ll wait.

Okay. are you ready? There are some fan theories out there — here comes the spoilers — that Love’s baby isn’t Joe’s. *GASP*

Let me process that.


I KNEW I didn’t trust that one. Well, I mean, I didn’t trust her anyway, obvi, but about the pregnancy!


There is so much convoluted, mixy-uppy stuff with the Joe/Milo timeline, it has many thinking the baby just could be, that hottie, Milo’s.

So, Joe isn’t a REAL daddy now? Or is he?

The end happened pretty quickly, and some can’t quite remember — including me — if Joe and Love were together — like, boom-chicka-wow-wow together — after Love was with Milo.

Man, that girl!


I probably shouldn’t be thinking, “Oh, poor Joe,” but I’m thinking it!

It just might serve Joe right to have met his match, but could this be the ultimate, “lady fakes a pregnancy to get the man — and not die” — scenario?

Duh-duh-duh. Season 3 is going to be Epic!

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