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Meredith, from the Parent Trap, has the greatest response to Dennis Quaid’s engagement

Where are my ’90s and ’00 kids at? If you were alive during this time, you probably spent a large amount of time glued to your TV watching the Lindsay Lohan remake of The Parent Trap.

You know, the Disney movie staring Linsay as twins, Annie and Hallie.

One of the best characters in that movie was Meredith — played by Elaine Hendrix — who was the 26-year old, gold-digging fiance of Hallie and Annie’s father — played by Dennis Quaid.

The twins did not like her at all in the movie, and were constantly trying to break her and their father up before the wedding.

Sometimes life just happens to immitate art. It just so happen, in REAL LIFE, Dennis Quaid is now engaged to his 26-year-old girlfriend, Laura Savoie.

Elaine Hendrix had the funniest response to the engagement news.

“Watch out for those twins,” Elaine Tweeted in response to the engagement news.

I love it! That’s some stellar advice from the movie girlfriend, herself!