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Netflix Just Released The ’13 Reasons Why’ Final Season Trailer

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You either choose to love or hate 13 Reason Why.

I happen to LOVE the show. Yes, it’s graphic. Yes, it covers a LOT of scary and trigger worthy things. But it’s real. It contains things that happen in real life that are often looked over or not discussed.


This series has JUST released their trailer for their final season and I have to say I have CHILLS. I’ve already watched it twice and I have SO many questions.


This final season will drop on Netflix on June 5th, so we don’t have to wait long at all. But I am incredibly sad that this will be the actual end.


This season will follow along the lines of Clay’s (and other main characters’) senior year.


And from the looks of the trailer, Clay has a LOT going on. Mental breakdowns, black-mailing, and…jail?

I’m not 100% sure because it was happening so fast, but I do know I feel bad for the poor guy. He’s been through a lot.


The trailer also shows a lot of Jessica’s face so maybe she will finally find her peace over everything that has happened to her.


Either way, this season better not let us down. It’s the last season we get and there are a LOT of storylines to tie up, so here’s to hoping they do it flawlessly.


Who is your favorite character? Comment below! And also check out the final season trailer below!

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