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This Is The Worst Starbucks Drink, According To Employees

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I’m going to be honest…

I’ve never had a Starbucks drink I straight-up didn’t like.

(That isn’t true. I don’t like the Matcha. It tastes like grass.)

But, according to Starbucks Baristas, there is one drink that just isn’t worth the price.

And, we all know that Starbucks drinks — every single one of them — are crazy expensive!

Now, it’s not that this drink tastes horrendous. No, it actually tastes okay.

It’s just that, for what it is, it’s not worth the $4+ you have to dig out of your pockets and seat cushions to afford the drink.

What do Starbucks Baristas consider to be the worst drink for the money?

Hot Chocolate.

First of all, it’s not really something that’s super incredibly special.

It’s just hot chocolate — milk, chocolate syrup, whipped cream.

It’s not like they use a decadent, special chocolate sauce to make their hot chocolatey creation.

The Starbucks Hot Chocolate uses the same exact chocolate sauce as the Mocha.

So, you are basically just getting a Starbucks Mocha, minus the espresso — for 4+ bucks.

It doesn’t taste horrible, but it definitely isn’t worth the price.

There are so many other Starbucks drink choices that are more worthy of your money. Branch out and find a new favorite.

If you want a delicious cup of Hot Chocolate, try this homemade version. It tastes WAY better, and it’s actually worth the money it takes to create it.

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