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You Can Get A Hand Sanitizer Holder That Looks Like The Spellbook From Hocus Pocus

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If you went and got the Hocus Pocus face masks, then you will also want to grab this Hocus Pocus Hand Sanitizer Holder to continue the theme!

It’s a little replica of the Hocus Pocus Spellbook! It is so cute and would be a perfect gift for any fan!


The spellbook hand sanitizer holder is made with 2 layers of durable vinyl that totally looks like the leather used for the book. The hand sanitizer holder also has a keyring so that you can attach it to your keys or purse.


It opens and closes with a snap closure so that you can easily open and close it for use. It is also easy to replace or change out which hand sanitizer you have in there.


They are made to fit the 1-ounce size of Bath and Bodyworks hand sanitizers. But, if you need a different size, contact them because they will try to make it happen for you.


These are machine embroidered, and then cut and assembled by hand. Which means each one may have slight differences due to the handmade nature of the product.


This is a great way to make sure you always have some hand sanitizer with you! No need to dig around in the bottom of your purse either! Just clip it somewhere and you are always ready.

You can get your own Hocus Pocus Spellbook hand sanitizer holder from TheBuddingMagnolia on Etsy for only $11.50!


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