The Stress Of Being A Christmas Procrastinator…

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Now, it may not seem like a habit that requires professional help, but shopping in December can be just as overwhelming as last minute Thanksgiving day shopping. Every single store is jam-packed with annoying people like me and it is always a fight to get to the section you need to (especially if you’re a Walmart shopper). I’m not shy when it comes to pushing my way through crowds to get to what I want and I show no mercy. Eventually, I get the presents I need for everyone on my list and end up wrapping them a few days before Christmas or Christmas Eve, just in the nick of time. When Christmas day actually does come around, I can finally breathe a sign of relief and stop pulling my hair out in clumps. Hi, my name is Heather and I am a Christmas procrastinator.


The Stress Of Being A Christmas Procrastinator…

This is going to sound like a cliche, but after every stressful Christmas shopping, I promise myself that I will buy presents little by little throughout the year. Yup, that never happens. It’s kind of like the new years resolutions that everyone makes, we all mean it when we make them, but a few weeks into the year our determination tends to fade. I hate having things looming over my head because it is an instant path to anxiety, so I handle tasks two ways: ignore it until I have to deal with it or I go into overdrive mode to get it done right away. Two drastically opposite methods of handling things, I am painfully aware of that fact, but that’s just the way I operate.

The stress of procrastinating is made a little bit easier since my family tends to focus on getting gifts for the children rather than the adults. Despite that tradition, I always get my mom and my dad gifts at least because seeing the joy on their face is worth all the madness I endured in the hell that is December shopping.

I wait until two to three weeks before Christmas to begin brainstorming ideas for the “perfect” gift for my friends and family. Most of the time I end up failing to come up with any ideas and just head to the store hoping that inspiration will hit me in an aisle. Nine times out of ten, I don’t get inspired, but instead I remember conversations where my loved ones have told me what they want. I don’t feel completely satisfied with the presents that I buy every year, but if I get a smile when my present is opened, then I am pleased.

As bad as it is, I can proudly (might as well embrace it, right?) say that I will not plan my Christmas list early next year. I will continue to be lazy and wait until the last minute to get my presents and there is not a damn thing anyone can say about it!

What about you? Are you on the ball, or like me…elbowing through gas station teddy bears and hoping for a winner? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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