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That Time I Hiked Up a Mountain for an Arby’s Burger πŸ”πŸžοΈ

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Picture this: hiking up a mountain, not for the views (though they were epic), but for… wait for it… an Arby’s burger! Yep, you read that right.

The Adventure Begins!

Okay, so it started with this van ride up the mountains. I had no clue where we were headed, but hey, that’s part of the fun, right? And the destination? The Arby’s Hike Thru summit.

I am still totally in shock that there was actually an Arby’s on top of the mountain, but honestly what do I even know. It was crazy cool.

Shoutout to My Crew!

Big shoutout to Eric, our hike guide, who made sure we didn’t get lost (because trust me, I would’ve– but honestly I think Kev would have been okay).

And Kristen, my new PR bestie. She was the real MVP. Every time I thought, “Okay, maybe I need a breather,” she was right there, ready to take a break with me. Kristen, you rock!

And also to our walking sticks… I am so glad we had walking sticks…

Fun Stops Along the Way

The hike wasn’t just walk, walk, walk. Nope! We had a cookie station (yum!), and just before hitting the summit, a freaking soda fountain with a blue Powerade moment I will never forget.

Oh, and the drive-thru window on the mountain? I loved every second ordering.

But like… they didn’t start making my food right then or anything because this was a 4.1 mile hike (I feel that the .1 is really important, because if I am being honest, that last .1 was such a kicker and holy moly I wasn’t sure I was going to make it to that summit but then I did.

Oh yes.

The Star of the Show: The Big Game Burger

So, after all that hiking, I got to taste the Big Game Burger. And let me tell you, it was worth every step. It’s like Arby’s took their burger game to a whole new level. And those curly fries?

I swear they taste even better at high altitude.

Just a Thought…

Hey Arby’s, if you ever think of doing a Jamaican Jerk burger, I’m SO there. And if it comes with a trip to some cool falls and glowing fish? Count me in!

Can I Have Your Bag Fries?

The way I look at it, if you summit a mountain, you totally deserve bag fries.

This whole Arby’s Hike Thru thing? 10/10 would recommend. It was more than just a hike or a meal; it was a day I won’t forget.

So, if you ever get the chance, go for it. And if you see me there, come say hi!

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