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Here’s How To Get Your Kids to Complete School Assignments at Home

So suddenly you feel like a homeschooler. But guess what, it isn’t so bad. BUT you need to make some changes to your mindset to make this work.

This won’t be like real homeschooling. You have a setup curriculum and work that the school wants to be completed.

First of all, some of your kids are stressed the heck out. Let them decompress. Let them have a few days to chill. Let them REST.

Secondly, you have to drop the mindest that the kids need to be sitting at the desk or table for 8 hours doing schoolwork. It isn’t needed.

Remember, when kids are at school there is a LOT of distractions. A lot of wasted time. Your kid can most likely complete all the day’s work in a few hours.

Maybe split the subjects up into groups to work on each day. A few hours today of Science and English. A few hours tomorrow of Math and History, etc.

Get them out into some fresh air often! Take a walk! Play catch. Do yard work! You know, learning never stops. Talk to your kids.

If you go into this thinking that your kid needs to sit for 8 hours this will NOT work and will backfire on you completely.

Let them take breaks. A lot of breaks. Spread it out. Take some virtual trips! You can go to Hawaii, visit famous museums all over the world, or take a trip to some of the national parks!

Most importantly, do not lose your cool. Your kids are watching and you can feed their fear, or you can choose to feed their confidence.