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15 Fun Slumber Party Ideas for Girls

Girls just want to have fun. Whether it’s painting each other’s nails or giggling over a cute boy at school, girls need girl time which is why slumber parties are so necessary. If you have a girl that is at the age to have her good friends overnight but aren’t sure where to begin I am here to help with 15 Fun Slumber Party Ideas for Girls. Let those boring slumber parties be a thing of the past!

15 fun slumber party ideas for girls

15 Fun Slumber Party Ideas for Girls

  1. Make Unicorn poop cookies that are colorful, sweet, and a great way to bake with friends.
  2. A slumber party isn’t complete without making friendship bracelets.
  3. Allow the girls to “glamp” in these adorable play tents.
  4. Have older girls that enjoy makeup? Let them make their own lipstick!
  5. Need something sweet and fun? Give this glow in the dark cotton candy a try!
  6. Parties are more fun with games and this spin the nail polish bottle game looks fun.
  7. Make personalized eye masks.
  8. Girls like to talk and this toss and talk ball is a great way to get and keep the conversation flowing.
  9. Let their toes be comfy in these adorable spa shoes they can make themselves!
  10. Help the girls achieve glowing skin with this chocolate face mask that is also entirely edible!
  11. You can’t have a slumber party without a good old pillow fight and I love those pillowcases.
  12. Make these manicure jar kits ahead of time and allow girls to paint each other’s nails.
  13. You can’t go wrong with a chocolate dipping station because who doesn’t love chocolate?
  14. Capture the party’s best moments in an adorable way with a DIY photo booth.
  15. Allow the girls to braid each other’s hair! Want to save time and make it easier? Use the Conair Quick Twist™ Double-Stranded Braider.

conair quick twist

With the Conair Quick Twist your daughter, granddaughter, sister, or friend can create beautifully braided hair in a matter of minutes. In fact it can be done in 3 easy steps:

  1. Lock ends of hair into place in the styler and pull tight.conair quick twist1
  2. Slide the button up to turn on the twist to easily twist two strands all the way up.conair quick twist2
  3. Turn the top of the styler to twist the strands together, making it as loose or as tight as you want it.conair quick twist3The last step is to add in any beads or fun accessories to complete your desired look. This in of itself can make a slumber party fun and exciting!

15 fun slumber ideas for girls featured

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This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received the Conair Quick Twist™ Double-Stranded Braider for my own personal use. All opinions, text and experiences are my own.


Wednesday 31st of March 2021

i did this with friends and we had a great night !


Monday 25th of November 2019

When i had my 14th birthday party slumber party,i was still in puberty and bedwetting because of it.Because of my bedwetting,i was wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants[aka-rubberpants] and when me and my 5 friends got ready for bed,they all put on my cloth diapers and rubberpants and we all carried on like babies and really had a blast!


Monday 23rd of September 2019

I am so glad you put this up nc I'm a single mom to a 9 yr girl. We haven't been able to celebrate her bday in 3 years. We are victims of Hurricane Florence and prior to that we tragically lost my mom so now I'm having to learn to do everything without anyone so thanks so much! I just hipe im able to pull thia slumber party off ??


Tuesday 4th of December 2018

I can't wait to try these out for my birthday


Saturday 13th of October 2018