Why Are Egg Prices Are So High?

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What the heck is going on with the price of eggs?

The breakfast staple of tables everywhere has gone from a slight inconvenience on the grocery budget front, to now a major player in the monthly grocery bill.

According to CBS News, the price of eggs has gone up 60% in one year, and we are all feeling it.

But, WHY? What is going on to make egg prices so out of control?

Turns out, there are a couple factors at play in the great egg debacle of 2023.

First, more people are turning to eggs as a protein source than in previous years.

People used to gravitate toward beef, pork, venison, etc. But, now they reach for the egg.

Supply and demand at its finest.

Each of us eats about as many eggs as one hen can lay a year.

Sonja Sharp

Then, while demand for eggs is at its highest ever, there is a bird — or avian — flu that has hit epidemic proportions.

The USDA has reported that 58.6 MILLION birds have been hit in 47 different states by this bird flu, which is devastating for egg production.

Even though egg prices are out of control, you should count yourself lucky if you can find eggs in the grocery store refrigerators at all.

There are some states where you can’t get your hands on any eggs.

This means getting creative with the baking and protein sources.

The price of eggs most likely isn’t going to ease until new chicks are born without the infection. They then have to grow to egg-laying age. 

So, it doesn’t look like we are going to see relief in the price of eggs anytime soon.

I know, not the news you wanted to hear today.

If eggs remain this expensive, you might want to consider a backyard chicken coop.

AND, you probably want to find other things to do than decorate eggs this Easter.

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