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If You See A Dryer Sheet Left In Your Mailbox, This Is What It Means.

If you happen to notice a dryer sheet in your mailbox on a Saturday morning with a coffee in one hand and the hope of your package arriving on time, this is what you should know.

It might sound crazy, but that dryer sheet left behind is not there to help make your mailbox smell nice.

Courtesy of @startcleanllc

Mail carriers are leaving behind dryer sheets in individual’s mailboxes to deter wasps and yellow jackets because apparently, scented dryer sheets can be used as a preventative measure to help keep the flying insects away.

According to Reddit user u/istrx13, it’s a well known fact in the postal world that dryer sheets are the enemy of wasps and yellow jackets because of the aromatic scent.

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of getting stung, you know how painful the sting can really feel.

So, for the safety of your mailman or mailwoman, don’t remove that dryer sheet that was left by your postal carrier in your mailbox!

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