You Can Get A Baby Yoda Shaped Pet Bed For The Cutest Way To Sleep In The Entire Galaxy

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Since our dogs and cats tend to enjoy the exact television show and hour long movies their owners watch (mainly because they don’t have thumbs), a comfy bed to put them through the rom-coms only makes sense.

Currently at Chewy is a Star Wars themed dog and cat bed featuring two spiky, long ears with a light green color for show.

Courtesy of Chewy

If you haven’t already guessed it, this dog bed is in the shape of Yoda’s head!

Courtesy of Chewy

Everyone’s favorite character (assuming so), now comes in a cozy plush bed specially made for the fur-babies at home.

Courtesy of Chewy

The exclusive bed can also be made for the dogs who have siblings or for cats who prefer to sleep with a friend considering this animal bed can be flattened to turn into a bolster bed for a slumber party or a long snooze.

Courtesy of Chewy

You can currently get the Yoda shaped bed from Chewy for $25 for your four legged friend for a nighttime retreat on this side of the galaxy!

Courtesy of Chewy

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