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Betty Crocker Has Released S’mores Cookie Cups and I’m Ready To Get My Bake On

The classic s’more is a sweet treat with several varieties.

For example there’s the walking s’more, the inside out s’more, s’mores in a bag and countless of other ways to bake or roast the chocolate-y sandwich.

Betty Crocker is now adding to that list considering the classic four sided baking box with red trimming now features S’mores Cookie Cups!

Courtesy of @candyhunting

The new cookie kit includes graham cracker cookie mix, marshmallow filling, fudge drizzle, and paper baking cups for an easier way to create something that looks homemade.

Courtesy of @bettycrocker

The only weight you’ll have to pull is to make sure butter is stocked in the fridge and a cookie tin is lying around somewhere in your home.

Courtesy of @bettycrocker

Otherwise, the final results should look exactly if not very similar, to the picture on the front of the box.

You can find Betty Crocker’s new S’mores Cookie Cups at Meijer.

Courtesy of Betty Crocker