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Turns Out, Dog The Bounty Hunter Can’t Catch Brian Laundrie Without Being In Some Serious Legal Trouble

Um – this is strange news.

So, you know Dog The Bounty Hunter, right? Well, apparently, that isn’t an accurate title for him…

As it turns out, Dog The Bounty Hunter Is Not Licensed To Be A Bounty Hunter and Um, WHAT?!

Dog aka Duane Chapman has been talked about all over ever since he joined the search for Brian Laundrie.

He’s said he was getting close but that was almost a week ago and still no sign of Brian.

However, it turns out that if Dog did manage to find and detain Brian, it could be Dog himself that ends up getting into trouble with the law.

Crazy, right?

According to the Daily Mail, Dog has absolutely no legal status as a bounty hunter or private investigator.

This means that he basically has just as much power to arrest or hunt for Brian Laundry as you or I.

Yeah, that seems quite dangerous.


Experts have actually said that any attempt to arrest Brian Laundrie could potentially have Dog charged with ‘kidnapping or false imprisonment’.

So, why the hell is Dog hunting Brian in the first place? I mean, he is just playing a game of hide and seek at this point.


Apparently, people’s suspicions that Dog has been doing this for publicity all along are turning out to be correct.

Experts believe he is doing this to help land another TV show or something and that is just SO WRONG.

I truthfully thought that Dog was great at what he did and was respected in the bounty hunter community but if he isn’t legit, then what’s the point? It’s disappointing for sure.

So, I wouldn’t count on Dog finding Brian at this point because legally, he can’t.