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No, This Bizarre Metal Outfit Look Is Not Jared Leto

Things were getting a bit crazy at the Met Gala in New York tonight!

Lots of stars, big fashion, crazy fashion, and maybe a little bit of confusion!


This year’s theme for the Met Gals is ‘Gilded Glamour’ and some people went allll the way out there with the outfits they chose.

In fact, on the red carpet, Fredrik Robertsson was totally mistaken for Jared Leto!

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

He was dressed in an Iris van Herpen pantsuit that appears to be made of metal and honestly looked like something from ‘Hellraiser’.

Fans of Jared pointed out the mistake after Fredrik was announced as Jared on the red carpet, yikes!

That’s quite a mistake to make!

Jared Leto actually was wearing matching suits from Gucci with designer Alessandro Michele.

They even had matching hair, bag, and gloves, it’s a bit weird to me, but I’m not all that big into fashion.

This was pretty mild for Jared though, I mean, at least he wasn’t wearing a replica of his own severed head this year like he did in 2019!

Who’s outfit did you like the most this year? People were going nuts over Kim wearing Marilyn Monroe’s $5 million “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” dress!!