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Netflix’s ‘The Night Agent’ Has Been Renewed for Season 2 and I’m So Excited

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Considering Peter was just promoted to night agent at the White House in season one, it’s no wonder why the show’s storyline was left unfinished. 

Shoot, have I spilled the beans already? 

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Spoiler alert, The Night Agent is returning to Netflix for a second season!

We knew that this spy series has more telling to do. 

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Peter and Rose are officially back and after what happened in season one, there’s no way the two aren’t going to find themselves in yet another top secret journey to unravel the truth.

Besides, Peter and Rose are pros now.

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And whether or not Peter and Rose officially be in a relationship in season two, your guess is as good as mine.

After all, Peter did say that he’d like to move to California (eventually) to be closer to her.

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For those who haven’t finished or even begun watching the show, The Night Agent tells the story of an FBI agent who’s job is to answer an emergency line that undercover spies will call if they are in danger.

Of course that phone rarely ever rings, until it does.

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While working in the basement of the White House with a phone that never rings, Pete’s life flips upside down when the red light flashes on the telephone and the line rings.

And everything he thought he know and everyone he thought he trusted, was all a lie.

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Now, if you yet to binge-watch the show, my only question is what are you waiting for?

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