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25 Marvelous Avengers Foods and Crafts

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An old prophecy stated, “The geeks shall rise up and inherit the earth.” Many of us didn’t believe it…until Joss Whedon drifted down from the heavens and bestowed upon the world…The Avengers Franchise. Legend says, the clouds opened up that day and a single hawk let out a streaking cry as it soared high above the earth before circling and finally landing on Whedon’s outstretched arm. These 25 Marvelous Avengers Foods and Crafts are to honor that great prophecy and to honor of all the geeks who came before us. You are welcome.

Marvelous Avengers Foods and Crafts

25 Marvelous Avengers Crafts and Foods

  1. Thor hammer pops are a ‘must have’ at your next Marvel movie marathon party.
  2. Or if you’re craving something a little sweeter, check out these Hulk pudding cups. They’re Bruce Banner approved.
  3. If you have a geeky cosplaying kid (or maybe just a normal kid who likes to dress up), this DIY Iron Man t-shirt is an awesome and cheap way to up their superhero game.
  4. And don’t forget about these DIY Iron Man gloves. They’ll complete the look, plus they really glow so they’re awesome for any sleepover.
  5. Hulk angry. You don’t want to see Hulk angry. Hulk Punch when he angry. Then he drinks this. Hulk happy now.
  6. Check out these awesome punching Hulk Cupcakes. They’re what the Hulk would look like if he ever met that creepy old lady who lives in that ginger bread house. Just kidding. And kind of gross. But still…
  7. Your life is not complete until you check out these snail Avengers. We geeks have to have our accessories and collectables, and this is a collectable you won’t want to miss out on.
  8. You’ve probably been tempted to pick up a pair of expensive superhero sneakers. Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t. Either way, here’s a way to make your own diy superhero sneakers and have as many pairs as you want.
  9. This Thor hammer is amazing for cosplay or just to keep in your living room as a warning to anyone who might try to invade your house.
  10. Back to those collectables. How awesome are these paper heroes? Basically, I’ve got an entire paper army sitting on my desk now and I’m not even a little ashamed.
  11. Technically these aren’t for adults, but technically I don’t care. These Avengers beanies are the only thing I’ll be wearing on my head next winter.
  12. Sure, sure, I could say I wanted to make Loki helmet and wear it to Comic Con, but I’d be lying. No, the truth is I’d want to wear this helmet all the time. Like, maybe taking a bath, sipping some hulk punch, watching the newest Avengers movie on my phone. Don’t judge; you’ve been there.
  13. Avengers hand puppets are what happiness looks like to me and to all of my geeky friends that I’ve shown them to. Seriously, who doesn’t want these in their home? Think of all the movie reenacting you can do with these. Think about it.
  14. When I saw this Avengers cake at first I thought, no way. Then I though, NO WAY! This thing is so easy to do and I can’t believe I haven’t made it for myself yet. Trust me, I’ll be remedying that very soon.
  15. Don’t be the parent of an uncool infant. If you want your baby to make it in our new geekified universe, you’ll need to check out these Avengers baby accessories. Bibs, burp rags, and more than enough diapers to make all their other baby friends totally jealous.Marvelous Avengers Foods and Crafts
  16. We geeks are serious about our t-shirt collections. It takes a lot of money to look this geeky-chic. Next time you’re wanting to expand that t-shirt drawer, check out this stenciled Avengers shirt.
  17. Seriously, my geeky friends…you have to HAVE TO see these Avengers, if they were hedgehogs, made out of books. You’re welcome.
  18. Have you been looking for those cool letters to hang on your basement wall? Check out these Avengers letters!
  19. These crocheted Avengers hoodies are crazy sexy. Walk into your local game or comic book store wearing these and you’ll be dubbed Leader of the Geeks.
  20. These super hero pegs are more collectable geekery done right. Make a heroes and villains set and you can play chess with them!
  21. This Thor cosplay is some of the coolest DIYery around. Seriously, I want to just make it and walk around everywhere wearing it.
  22. Or instead you should check out this incredible Iron Man made entirely out of cardboard. Whoa and Whoa. Could you imagine this baby just hanging out in your living room? I can. And So It Shall Be.
  23. Yes, yes, yes, there are TONS of Thor Hammer tutorials out there, but I like this one because it’s made of softer material. Know what that means? Epic Asgardian battle. My backyard. Tonight.
  24. I begin this next one with this: I do NOT endorse cutting up your Marvel comic books to make jewelry. That being said, if you get your hands on someone else’s comic books, these bangles are A MUST HAVE.
  25. Last, though not least, this super DIY lamp is pure happiness. Yes, you’ll probably have to search a little to find Avenger’s cloth, but with the journey comes great reward…

Marvelous Avengers Foods and Crafts

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