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The Butterfly Flutterby

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So, on Saturday we spent the day at the annual Butterfly Flutterby and we had a lot of fun.  We had to get there pretty early in full costume, but Halle got to walk in a parade.  (Something she has been begging to do lately.)  And, she even got to be on the news!  She was very excited when we watched her on the real TV.  She is a little confused as to how she can be here and there at the same time, but hey… it’s adorable, so I am lovin’ it!  This is actually her Halloween Costume from last year.  It was just a little big then, so it fit her well for this year, and was yet another pefect opportunity for pictures.  Of course, husband took this one.  He always gets the best shots.  I don’t think he realizes just what a gift he really has for photography:

butterfly flutterby

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