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This Couple Captured A Ghostly Figure On Camera While Walking Their Dog and It Is Terrifying

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We’ve all been there. We’ve seen things out of the corner of our eyes and thought, “What the heck was that?”

Well, these people actually caught something on camera, and it has us all wondering what it was.

Hannah Rowett

Hannah and Dave Rowett were walking their dogs through Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire, England earlier this month, when they had the Halloween scared completely out of them.

Something crossed their paths, and I don’t care if you watch the video ten times, you won’t be able to figure out what it is.

Hannah Rowett

It’s just a seemingly normal evening, when a shadowy figure appears out of pretty much nowhere moves across the road right in front of them.

Seriously. What the heck is it?

Hannah and Dave posted the creepy-ass video on Facebook, and it has people wondering whether it’s some demonic, spooky figure or a well-edited ruse to make us all jump.

According to the Nottingham Post, there is an urban legend surrounding this Clumber Park involving a ghostly Grey Lady that crawls across the grounds on all fours.

The main house that used to sit in the park was demolished in 1938 after being damaged by a series of fires. What was left of the area was a Grade I listed chapel, a four-acre walled kitchen garden, and the park itself – oh, and a ghost.

Nottingham Post

It is said that the best time to spot the Grey Lady is when it’s misty — and completely spooky!

Or, in this dog walking couple’s case, when it’s evening and the park grounds are quiet and dark.

Hannah Rowett

What do you think? Did they catch the Grey Lady on camera?

Some think it’s smoke or mist.

I tend to think they captured the Grey Lady, herself, on camera!

You can see the ghostly video by the Rowetts HERE.

Hannah Rowett

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