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You Can Get a McDonald’s Takeout Sling Bag For The Person Who is Obsessed with McDonald’s

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“Ba-da-da-da-da! I’m loving it!” — McDonald’s

You can get this sling bag that looks like a McDonald’s takeout bag, and you have to admit, it’s pretty dang cute!

Moon Morris

It’s time to supersize the style game with the Golden Arches-inspired parody sling bag!

Moon Morris

Moon Morris has just released a McDonald’s Sling Bag, and it’s hella awesome.

I never knew McDonalds takeout could be so fashionable!

Moon Morris

This sling bag is printed with the vibrant, rich colors that you have come to know and love with McDonald’s.

There’s no mistaking what this bag is supposed to be. Everyone will wonder why, exactly, you have a McDonald’s bag on your hip. LOL!!

Moon Morris

Whether you’re hitting up the drive-thru or hitting the town, this sling bag is sure to make a statement. 

Moon Morris

Why settle for boring, right? Be unique and daring with your fashion choices!

Moon Morris

This McDonald’s sling bag is only going to run you $40 (that’s half off, btw).

You can get your own Golden Arches Parody Sling McBag from the Moon Morris website.

Moon Morris

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Box Lunch

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