I Binge Watched All Of Fuller House And I Have a Lot Of Feelings About It

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For those of you not in the know, Fuller House is out today, and I have been waiting on it for– well, pretty much what I feel like is one million days. So, this afternoon, I did what all good people who write about life and culture full time, I spent the entire time on the couch watching all of Fuller House.

fuller house

So, be warned that there are all sorts of spoilers below. Stop now if you didn’t spend your Friday watching Fuller House!

Episode 1:

  • Yes! They start it off with cute baby onesie Elvis jokes, practically all the old cast is back, and it’s making me laugh.
  • In fact, they broke the fourth wall and made a joke about how Michelle was off at fashion school and didn’t come back for the big Fuller House reunion. And seriously, Michelle, WHERE ARE YOU? THERE ARE TWO OF YOU, ONE OF YOU COULD HAVE SHOWN UP!
  • The beginning intro is super cute. I loved seeing all the old cast as they grew up. Perfection.
  • What? I did actually cry when they did the split screen thing where they sang the Flinstones around the playpen. Okay, I think I can get into this. I hope the whole show is like this!

Episode 2:

  • Hey! The baby this time around is played by two twins again! Nice touch!
  • Hmmm, all the older parents are gone now and it’s just DJ, Kimi and Stephanie raising the kiddos. I guess that makes sense, but I really wanted that show to have all of them in it.
  • Uncle Jessie! Yes, I was getting sad that they weren’t going to be around!
  • The little kid that is supposed to be the new Stephanie is a little over the top. I wonder if we will get tired of him? Yeah… we are definitely going to get tired of him.
  • Nothing really happened here. I mean, I guess, to be fair nothing really happened in Full House, either.

Episode 3:

  • Are those two dancing dudes from Dancing With The Stars? Mmmmk….
  • Joey’s back! Hey, now this is fun, he shows up to unite all the kids together. Making a giant mess nineties style all over the house, okay I can get with this.
  • I dug the Macy Grey cameo, I like how it was a throwback to how they always had musical acts in the old show.

Episode 4:

  • Wait, that Fuller House theme song– that voice is familiar. I looked it up. It’s freaking Carly Rae Jepsen singing it. HAH!
  • The more DJ we have the better, this show is definitely better when it’s about HER.
  • Were all the jokes this dirty the first time around, but they were just over my head because when I was watching it, I was too young?
  • Why is Stephanie so broke she can’t buy coffee? Didn’t she give up her life to take care of DJ’s kiddos?

Episode 5/6:

  • Oh, the ‘ol classic case of mistaken identity with dirty puns when DJ gets a blind date mixed up with a plumber. LOVE IT.
  • This is a lot of Gibbler. I was worried about that. I need her to tone it down. She’s going to tone it down, right?
  • I am pretty sure that episodes 5 and 6 have sort of melted together.
  • Which kind of brings up a bigger point for me, “What’s the point of having a show like this that is a binge watch if there isn’t really any reason to watch all of the episodes at once? I don’t know if this show would be a little better in smaller doses… it’s not like I have a reason to rush into the next episode to find out what happens next.

This is where I realized I was getting a little “Fuller Housed-Out” so I took a nap.

Episode 7:

  • Eep! It’s a DJ-Hot Doctor-Steve love triangle. YES!
  • And now they are making fun of Mary Kate and Ashley again. It’s funny every time. Hah!
  • I like that they tackled the whole “parents divorcing” thing. They always did do a good job with all the family issues and I’m glad they didn’t just have a lot of fluff for the show.

Episode 8:

  • Bob Saget is in this episode! YES!
  • OH MY GOSH! Did they destroy the sacred couch. I don’t know how I feel about this!
  • DJ kissed someone! She kissed the vet guy. HOW CUTE IS THIS?!
  • Whew, the couch is okay. THE COUCH IS OKAY.
  • It kind of feels like the show might be hitting its stride.

Episode 9:

  • Wait, maybe the stride was because of Bob Saget. I totally miss him already. But Becky is here!
  • Okay this whole “the dog took the card so nobody knows who sent the roses” thing is classic Full House. Makes me happy to see it!
  • Well, of COURSE Jessie sent the roses. HAVE MERCY.
  • Sometimes it’s sad about DJ’s husband. I guess that is part of it, but it’s so sad.

Episode 10:

  • After the watching the intro again– it’s still totally catchy, by the way– these girls have some amazing hair. What curling iron are they using?
  • Stephanie is the Jessie one– the semi-famous musician. That’s kind of cute.
  • I wish Steve had aged better. I just feel like he’s what an older Aladdin would look like, right?
  • I love that they went to the Giants game. They used to always go places like that on Full House!

Episode 11:

  • The little kid isn’t as cute as Stephanie used to be.
  • Stephanie can dance? What?
  • I do love Bollywood. It’s totally like all those old school dance numbers!

Episode 12:

  • We’re getting close to the end of the season, so now I have to start thinking, “Is this a show I would start a second season for?”
  • If that little boy Max doesn’t stop yelling all his lines…
  • Hah! They made an Alanis Morisette reference! I KNEW IT.
  • Steve still eats a lot– that’s kind of a cute running gag.
  • I want to like Steve more. How can we like Steve more?
  • I wish Kimi Gibler could still be a side character that only shows up every once in a while.

Episode 13:

  • ohhhh finale!
  • Uncle Jessie and Becky are back!
  • Geez, did that guy even age?
  • ohhh, a marriage!
  • Yay, more chance for Stephanie to sing. Okay, seriously did she have to get to sing a bunch in order to be on the show?
  • Man, this is the finale? I could care less about Kimi and Fernando.
  • The wedding didn’t happen? Big surprise there…
  • So over that Max kid.
  • Well, at least it didn’t end in a cliffhanger.

Okay, so afterthoughts– This was an okay show. The first episode where all the old crew was back was actually REALLY good and cute, and really a throwback, but then it pretty much just launchd into its own thing. Which is OKAY, but I just never fell for the KIDS the way I did in the original Full House. But, also, I am not a kid, so I would be interested to hear what other kids think. It had more of an early-years Hannah Montana feel than it did a Full House feel at times, but it was okay. I enjoyed it, but would I watch another 12 episodes? Welllllllllll….. maybe if Michelle comes back.

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