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The Fastest Way To Deep Clean Your House

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gain at Walmart. The opinions and text are my own.

It’s spring and soon it will be summer, which means less time spent indoors and more time spent outdoors.

I don’t know about you, but that makes me want to clean every inch of my home so once I come in from spending time in the sun, I am in a clean and clutter-free environment.

That being said, the warmer it gets outside, the less time I want to spend inside cleaning.

So, I have a dilemma.

I need a clean house but also need to get it all done fast.

Let me tell you, it’s hard to keep a house clean with three kids and two large dogs. It’s like a never-ending story.

So, I decide to get SMART.

Remember, that old saying, “Work Smarter, Not Harder”? That completely applies here.

After spending some time this week deep cleaning my home, I found The Fastest Way To Deep Clean Your House and I am sharing that with you right now!

The Fastest Way To Deep Clean Your House

When I started cleaning my home I realized that literally every surface of my home was covered in dust.

Of course, I try to dust regularly but again, if you have pets you know that the fur and dander gets everywhere.

Did you know that dust is made up of human skin cells, human and animal hair, plant pollen and other materials found in the environment around you?

Yeah, it’s gross when you think about it.

That is exactly why I love the trick I taught myself – are you ready for it?

Dust and clean your home from top to bottom.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Here is exactly what I did:

First, I started by dusting my ceilings including all of my wall trim, ceiling fans, and the upper walls.

Since I am short and I have vaulted ceilings, I used a duster with an extender to reach those hard to reach areas.

Next, I continued working my way down by dusting my blinds, artwork and by removing every single fabric item for washing.

By the way, I’ve found that a microfiber towel is the best way to dust blinds. Trust me, it works!

cleaning blinds with microfiber towel

This meant, I removed my drapes from the windows and the bedding from each bed. I threw them all into my laundry room so those could be washed, dried and replaced when fresh.

I also want to mention that I used NEW Gain Flings Blissful Breeze that I picked up at Walmart to wash all of our drapes, bedding and laundry.

It has a wonderful spring scent that made my entire house smell like a field of flowers (or what I’d imagine it’d smell like) and left everything smelling amazingly fresh and clean.

The new and improved Gain Flings have a 3-in-1 benefit of concentrated Gain detergent, Oxi boost, and Febreze odor remover all in one.

It was super simple to get everything I needed washed too because I didn’t have to spend time measuring out laundry detergent. Simply grab a Gain Fling or two and toss it into the washer, stuff your laundry in and turn it onto the wash cycle as usual.

Easy peasy.

Once all my items were washed, and dried, the last thing I did was wipe down my floorboards, vacuumed and mopped my floors.

Having everything cleaned from top to bottom eliminated the dust, dirt and grime and left everything clean.

I then replaced my drapes and bedding once I knew everything else was dusted and clean.

Now you might be wondering about what to do about everything in-between especially if you’re items need to be organized.

Just remember: there is a difference between being clean and being organized.

You can still use the same steps I mentioned here, but as you dust and clean each section, go through and organize, too.

You can also take time to get rid of unwanted items. I like to make separate piles for garbage, donation and items I could place into a yard sale when doing this.

And that’s it! I hope these simple tricks will help you deep clean your home faster and more effectively.

Remember, if you’d like your home to smell amazingly fresh and clean, grab a container of Gain Flings Blissful Breeze from Walmart and spring clean away!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Gain at Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.