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Uno’s New Game Is Basically Regular Uno on Steroids

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There’s Uno, and then there’s a ruthless Uno game that will make your opponents just a bit crazy.

‘Uno: Show ‘Em No Mercy’ is like regular Uno, but on steroids.


You play this game with regular Uno rules, but then there are NEW rules that you add in to make the game just a bit more challenging.

What are the new rules?

LOL! Just wait!!


There are things like skip everyone’s turn, wild reverse with draw four, draw ten cards, and wild color roulette.

You also have to follow a stacking rule: stack cards of equal or higher value until someone can’t add to the pile.


Then, all the card values that were played are added together, and that person must pick up that many cards.

Spoiler alert — you might have to draw upwards of 20+ cards!


There is also a rule that if you get more than 25 cards in your hand, you are “out.”

The last person standing is the winner!!

I see a new family game night in your near future!!


This ‘Uno: Show ‘Em No Mercy’ game runs $42, and it just might be your new favorite game.

To get your own ‘Uno: Show ‘Em No Mercy,’ just head on over to the Walmart website.


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