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There’s New Slang Being Used On Social Media, And Here’s What It Means

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I can’t keep up …

All this slang — no cap, aggro, baddie, bussin — I’m just not cool enough to use all this slang anymore, bruh.

Don’t get me wrong. I may be too old to use it, but I’ll totally throw into conversations ironically.

There’s a new slang acronym out there on the social media front, and I think I can actually use this one legitimately.

What Is The New Slang Acronym Used On Social Media?

Maybe you’ve already seen it? IJBOL.

So, what does it mean?

My first thought was “I just burped out loud.” But, I was very wrong.

The actual meaning of IJBOL is “I just burst out laughing,” and obviously it means that you find something hilarious.

It’s the new LOL or ROFL, and this is actually a bit of slang that I can fit into my repretoir.

According to the Times, IJBOL was “first embraced by the K-Pop fan community in 2021.”

It has since become popular on the X (formerly Twitter) platform — and is tiptoeing it’s way onto other social media sites.

Y’all this acronym is legit. Dictionary.com has even added IJBOL as an entry, and it’s “used to express uncontrollable laughter or extreme amusement when someone finds something funny.”

What do you think? Can you fit IJBOL into your posts without sounding insane?

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