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Joanna Cole, The Author of The Magic School Bus Has Died

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It’s a sad day, Joanna Cole who wrote The Magic School Bus has passed away. She was 75 years old. At this time, the cause of her death is unknown. Her work was loved by so many.

Scholastic Corporation

Joanna Cole had written over 250 children’s books and sold nearly 100 million copies! She was most well known because of The Magic School Bus though. I don’t think there is a soul out there that doesn’t know of The Magic School Bus.


Joanna Cole had the perfect touch for blending science and story. Joanna’s books, packed with equal parts humor and information, made science both easy to understand and fun for the hundreds of millions of children around the world who read her books and watched the award-winning television series.

Dick Robinson, Chairman, President and CEO, Scholastic, who publishes The Magic School Bus series
Scholastic Corporation

The Magic School Bus was turned into an animated series back in 1986 and ran for 18 years. So many kids watched this show, even I did and I was like 12 years old back then. I totally read the books too! They were from Scholastic!


Not too long ago it was re-released as a series on Netflix and a whole new generation of kids were able to enjoy ‘The Magic School Bus’. Now there is a live-action The Magic School Bus movie coming out and it stars Elizabeth Banks.


This is such a huge loss for the world. She was a brilliant lady that had an impact on many through both her books and animated series. My thoughts are with her family and friends during this very sad time.


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