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You Can Get Ghost Incense Holders To Bring A Spooky Vibe To Your Home for Halloween

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This is just the perfect Halloween find, and you probably need it now!

These little ghosts are spooky cute all on their own, but just wait …


They are actually incense burners. How cool, right?!?

You light a cone of incense, cover it with the ghost, and then smoke streams out its eyes in little vapors.


 This holder, designed in the shape of a ghost figure, draws attention with its backflow feature.


These Ghost Incense Holders will really kick off the Halloween season right!

They create the perfect ambience for that wicked vibe you’re going for during this time of year.


First, the smoke will flow downward, and then it will push up and out its hollows — looking amazing.

These super unique Ghost Incense Holders will bring a little Halloween magic to your space.


You can place this scary ghost figure on tabletops, above the fireplace or near your entrance door to surprise and enchant your guests. 


They come in two sizes: Small and Big.

These handcrafted Ghost Incense Holders start at $40.50, and you can get the set for just under $48.


And, the best news — they ship for FREE, which is always my favorite!

To get your own Ghost Incense Holders just head on over to the LuxuryBySheeda shop on Etsy.


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