Subway Is Releasing Two New Footlong Desserts Alongside Their 12-inch Cookie

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Subway did the unthinkable when they welcomed a 12-inch long cookie to menus, but did you really think the sandwich shop would stop at some baked cookie dough?

Inspired by the footlong cookie, Subway has decided to bake two more footlong desserts that will cure any sweet tooth ache.

What should’ve been dubbed as the footlong trio, the ruler-length cookie will be joined by two new desserts that are just as sweet, and just as long in length.

Enter, the footlong churro and the footlong pretzel.

Provided by Auntie Anne’s and Cinnabon, Subway fans can expect the two sweet treats, plus the footlong cookie, to fulfill their after-dinner indulgence everyday of the week.

So prepare to stop by a Subway chain, 7 days of the week.

Courtesy of @markie_devo

We expect long lines at Subway come the new year.

And as for dipping purposes, Subway is providing a side of sauce that comes with every 12-inch pretzel, but who says you can’t pair a cold cup of milk or chocolate sauce for the churros or cookie.

The footlong churro, cookie, and pretzel are all expected to hit Subway menus nationwide on January 18 according to @snackolator!

Courtesy of Subway

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