This Chart Shows You How Risky Activities Are and How Likely You Are To Catch COVID-19

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I don’t know about you, but this whole social distancing and quarantine thing is starting to get to me.

Don’t get me wrong, my family and I are still staying home as much as we can but it’s hard not to go stir crazy while stuck inside, during summer with 3 kids and 2 dogs.

Sure, we take time to go on walks and drives but it’s not the same Summer we are used to.

With that being said, when I came across this chart, I knew I had to check it out because I’ve genuinely been curious about how risky doing things are.

The Texas Medical Association (TMA) took three dozen daily activities and ranked them from low to high risk. They did this as a way to cut through the clutter of information and help you decide which activities are within your comfort zone.

Something I think we can all appreciate.

Texas Medical Association

The chart above ranks from 1 – 9 with 1 being the lowest risk and 9 being the highest risk for contracting the virus.

As you can see, things like opening the mail is the lowest rick while things like going to a bar is among the highest risk.

“We found that there was a lack of information,” said Dr. Erica Swegler who is a physician on the TMA COVID-19 Task Force.

Dr. Swegler says many people don’t know if it’s safer to stay at a hotel for two nights or to work for a week in an office building which is exactly how I’ve been feeling.

“Every single outdoor activity is lower risk than anything indoors,” said Dr. Swegler.

We all pretty much know that outdoor activities are better than indoor ones, but hopefully having a chart like this can help us reevaluate different activities, risks involved and help us figure out what we are comfortable with.

“People will have to decide what risk they think is reasonable for themselves and their families to take in order to live life,” said Dr. Swegler.

While I don’t think I am ready to stop social distancing any time soon, it does make me feel better knowing how risky things are and maybe you’ll feel the same.

Oh, and you should know that all of these rankings assume people are wearing masks, washing their hands and staying six-feet apart.

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