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This Light Allows You To Turn Your Pool Into A Disco Floor

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What a great way to light up the pool for a night time swim! This light floats on top of the water and displays colorful lights under the water. You can even put it in the bathtub for a special treat for the kids!


You can display your choice of 5 different light shows right in your own backyard pool. Just push the button to choose your favorite light setting.

In mode one, it will sparkle with 4 ultra-bright LED lights consecutively and very quickly. It sounds like it looks like a dance club!


In mode two, the LED lights sparkle the same way, but a little bit slower. This one is a bit more mellow.

In mode three, the LED lights will light up one by one in different colors. This sounds like it would be my favorite setting.


In mode four, all of the LED lights are on all at the same time for steady colorful light in the water.

The last mode is mode five, and I think this one cycles through all of the other different modes randomly so you get surprised!


The case for the light is clear and has a waterproof ring around the seal of the battery compartment. This seal keeps it watertight so that your battery is kept safe.

The whole thing measures about 8cm high, 8cm long, and 8cm wide. It uses 3 AAA batteries to keep it powered, I would recommend getting rechargeable batteries if you can so you don’t have to replace them so often.


You can get your own floating pool disco light on Amazon for only $12.99! What a deal! This would take a nighttime swim to a whole new level!


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