I Am So Scared To Stop Social Distancing

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Today one of my great friends came by my house with a tasty treat for my family. My husband answered the door in a face mask and she said, “So when are you guys going to be done with this whole quarantine thing?”

And then I realized I didn’t have an answer. I haven’t even stopped to think about it.

I work from home and so does my husband, our daughter is out of school for the summer, and we have no need really to leave the house, but we are bored out of our minds, and my daughter is a teenager, so she wants to hang out with her friends.

At some point we have to leave this house again, at some point we will have to join up with others. Go out to eat, to the movies… something, anything that doesn’t involve sitting in our house all day.

But the plan for that? I don’t really know. I don’t really know when we will feel comfortable leaving, and that’s because I have no idea when it’s safe to leave.

I live in Texas. We’ve been opened up for business a few months, and we’ve seen a spike in Covid cases as a result. Nobody really wears a mask, so you feel super dorky when you do, but we still wear them in the drive thru at Starbucks or whatever.

I guess the real question is, what ARE we waiting for. A vaccine? School to start in the fall? It’s not like some bell is going to sound and the whole world is just going to be Corona free, right?

What about you? Are you still social distancing? How has your life changed? Are you ready to get out in the world?

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  1. I’m lucky enough to live in CT where masks have been mandatory since April and people are pretty good at social distancing in stores. My mom was just diagnosed with lung cancer and I deliver all her food to her and bring her to doctors so I have been trying to be good. I do hang out with friends but only outside and try to keep distance as much as possible. It is hard though when no one else is staying 6ft from one another anymore and I feel a little on the outside. I sure am tired of it. Lol I also have a teen and she is mad because none of her friends have to stay away. She is allowed to see friends outside but I ask her to stay out of friends cars and houses. I let her go babysit for the first time in months last week but talked to parents first about how they social distance. It will go all out the window if they start school I’m the fall though. Hopefully our numbers in ct stay low.

  2. Tx has been the same everyday with new 300+ cases a day.My husband & I decided for me to quit my job in the Medical field as numbers were rising within my work place to keep our little ones safe.Almost felt selfish at the time with guilt creeping in,but I did what was best to ensure the safety of my family.
    Days seem to be together all in one, almost feels like a dream,which honestly right now I wish it was.
    Husband does most of the essential outings & we wear mask when needed.
    I don’t agree on sending my children back to school so soon, home safe online shall do.
    Praying for all those affected & for this to be over soon enough.?

  3. I’m here in Dallas tx area also and I joke with my coworkers that I’m a hermit. I leave once a week drive to Walmart grocery pickup get my groceries loaded stop at McDonald’s for my son on the way home for his week treat and back home we go. This is our outing a 10 mile round trip no exposure to people. I’m asked when I will. I said do I feel safe nope. Why cause I have preexisting health conditions I have blood clots dessolving. You see on the new where family gave it to family right here in Texas so no I will not go out to eat. No I will not go shopping. If it does not get delivered I currently don’t need it then to keep myself safe

  4. I am social distancing and I will continue to do so. I am an RN at a large medical institution and we are required to wear masks at all times. Many of us are working from our homes now- due to Covid- and to limit exposure to others and social distance we rotate through and are only occasionally in the office now. Menards is really the only store that requires masks — all of our towns, stores workers , are wearing masks but Menards requires the patrons to wear masks and I wish that they would really make this a rule.— everywhere! This is real this is not a political agenda —-numbers are up in many parts of our state – after partially re- opening—and numbers are up in many states . They initially said that the elderly are the ones dying ! Generally that is not always true now- because —you know what!? The elderly are staying home !! Following the rules! Many victims are now between the ages of 19 and 40 . To the people who say well it wasn’t really Covid that killed them they died of something else —- well—many people live many years with what we call comorbidities high blood pressure obesity, diabetes these people manage this. But when these people get Covid-they just have a cascade of negative things happening in their body and even though they may have died of a stroke or a heart attack or kidney failure they died because they got Covid. This is real this is not going away anytime soon it will resurge in the fall, and unfortunately at least for now life as we knew it is not the same I go out and about but I wear my mask at all times! I always social distance! I do nothing in group settings! I wear a mask – and use sanitizer frequently. Stay safe everyone!

  5. We are in Indiana (our county was hardest hit in IN). We still wear our mask, wipe down our groceries, keep things clean in the house and car, and social distance. We do go to the store or Menards but have not been to mall, shows, groups of people, or a lot of other things people do for fun. Some people here are still taking this very serious and then there are the ones who think wearing a mask and getting in your space is OK. And, that scares me. I need a hair trim and mani pedi but don’t see that happening for a while yet.

  6. We live outside New Orleans. We are wearing masks and social distancing and we will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Cases have been down here but we are watching them rise in other areas where things have reopened too soon. Life will be different for us for some time to come.

  7. As for me and mine… we are going to protect ourselves. We wear masks and gloves when going out for essential items. We are not excepting visitors and we do not go visit. We are in TX and in our city the cases are rising 300 plus per day. So say what you want but we choose to stay safe.

    1. It’s so hard to get out there…you hear that people are not wearing masks and not respecting your space…it makes me nervous. We decided to go to dinner at a pricey restaurant and before we went I started freaking out. When we got there it felt safe and fine. We saw families without them and people with them. I am just thinking forward to when the kids go to school and kids have to wear masks and constantly clean and wash hands. It’s going to be worse.

  8. I understand people’s desire to return to “normal,” but we’re still learning about this virus. Nothing is for sure. I trust in science, and I believe our knowledge evolves with more/new information. I see so many people against wearing masks as if it’s taking away their freedom and oppressing them (ironic and sad for what we are experiencing in parallel with regards to people who have/are truly experiencing a war on their freedoms). My feelings about wearing a mask are simple: if the current science/advice is wrong, I hurt no one by wearing a mask; but if they’re right, having a laissez faire attitude could contribute detrimentally to society.

  9. We’re also in CA and have social distanced. We have missed family events and denied visits to our home making some mixed emotions on their end but we rather be safe then sorry for the sake of all so don’t feel alone. This is our new normal for now. What scares me most is the high #’s of deaths from COVID-19. So for now, only essential outings.

  10. My family don’t understand why I am not going to a birthday party for my 11 year old nephew today !!
    They say it media blowing this up into something worse than it is.. also my mom and my brothers families refuse to wear a mask.. I am not going to let their poor judgement put me and my family at risk !! Why am I wrong

    1. No, you are not wrong. I have friends who just had to have birthday party for a grand child. The grandma and great grand ma both got COVID-19. My neighbors daughter in law last week went to a family reunion where all guests had been asked to stay home if they didn’t feel well. One lady whose husband didn’t feel well attended while he stayed home. She hugged everyone. That was on a Saturday and on Monday, all attendees had to be tested and are quarantine for 15 days!

  11. I’m in California and we are required to wear masks in any public setting. I steer my daughter away from people without them. This is real and if people think the protesting is crazy now wait until they try to send my child back to school in August! I’m not having it and my family will continue to social distance and wear a mask until further notice!

  12. I have not social distanced nor stayed home. I also will not wear a mask. If you are not comfortable being around people, then it is your right to stay home. I am not judging nor do I want to be judged for living my life.

    1. That’s your choice. You probably won’t feel comfortable until their is a vaccine. Hopefully you will feel comfortable and secure when it comes out. Otherwise you will live a life that is very very different from what you had been living prior to this pandemic.

  13. People say when they see crowds protesting without mask–and think they don’t need social distancing–we are seeing new cases! When they don’t believe they can get it and there is another death in the county.. The protesters were encouraged—why? Because maybe they would get sick and not be able to do it again? Because the ones encouraging them are protected behind their gated communities and their security? Because those that are encouraging don’t care about the people? But no one thinks of this….it’s no mask because they are exercising their RIGHTS. No you are not–you are doing everything they say right down to no mask and exposing yourself.

    When you realize that those people who don’t wear mask and make fun because you do may be bringing it to you..that’s when the fear doesn’t stop. There is no answer to this…there is no solution.

    I don’t feel safe….I am not sure when I will

  14. The moment protesters were encouraged with no masks no social distancing, was the moment I realized what a joke this is.

    1. Liz, most people at protests here in New Orleans are wearing masks. And it’s outdoors , which should be safer than inside. But there will be consequences, no doubt. Cases are rising in many areas.

  15. In in England uk and I still social distance we are slowly coming bk to reality but scared of a 2nd out break I only go out for essentials

  16. We are the same way! And in Texas, where it feels like people are pushing so hard to go back to normal. But with almost 3 of 5 people with high blood pressure or susceptible to pneumonia or heart disease, we just dont feel safe yet. You are not alone!

    1. My family is still home; we wear masks and gloves if we go out. My daughter and I are both high risk (she has asthma, I am immune compromised). We are in NH but right on the border with MA. I am lucky to be able work remote, she is waiting to go to design school. We don’t know when it will be safe for us to go back to somewhat normalcy. We want to, but we don’t want to die.

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