Party Out!

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The birthday party was a total success, and Halle had loads of fun! The cake was yummy, and the blue punch went over well. I really threw my first ever children’t birthday party! I am very proud of myself haha!

Why oh why did I have to drink that coffee so late? It is almost five in the morning, and I am WIDE awake, and I have a ton to do tomorrow! Angie is going to kill me when all I want to do is take a nap! But, if I go back in the bedroom and toss and turn some more that is just gonna keep Keet awake, and we don’t want that! I am super excited about the Great American Scrapbook Convention tomorrow, though… it should be really fun, and then I get to volunteer the next day! I wonder who I will get to volunteer for?!? I hope it is someone cool! I will let you know when I get back! Posted by Picasa

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