Heelys– Won’t they make me a total Heel?

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I hate puns. Why did I even do that? 

The other day– something crazy happened. Heelys sent me some free shoes. For those of you not in the know, Heelys are tennis shoes with skate wheels in their soles.

Oh yeah, I said that right. They’re shoes– they’re skates– they’re– dare I say it– SHOESKATES!

And, since they sent me this pair, it’s time I admit something to you, dear readers… I never learned to skate.

Wow. I am so embarrassed right now. But, it’s true. I tried and tried, but I never could figure it out. Every time a friend sent home an invitation for a skating party I secretly hoped my mom would say no because I knew there was no way I’d ever make it around that wooden rink. Of course, she never did, and I just hung out in socks around the edge and pretended to have just taken my skates off (or pretended to be about to put them on).

But now… now I feel like I NEED to learn how to skate. I mean– I have these cool skate shoes, they’re hot pink… and they totally make my day. At least, in theory they make my day. I should just do it, right?

Isn’t that what life’s all about? You only live once and all that good stuff? What’s the worst that could happen– a broken bone, a concussion? Okay, seriously– I am going to be going like three miles an hour. None of this is going to happen… and I am going to use these shoes. Oh yes… I am….

You know, just as soon as I take them out of the box.

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  1. You should learn. I suggest doing it on video so we can all share in your pain. (Just kidding.) All I know is my daughter will be totally jealous of your hot pink wheelies.

  2. This is quite appalling to me, actually (not really). I learned how to skate when I was very little — starting with those godawful metal contraptions that you strapped onto your shoes — and continued skating into adulthood. My hubby and I even had a few skate-dates as teenagers (he wasn’t very good at it, but it was cute that he tried for me). I haven’t skated in a few years now, but not because I don’t want to. I’m just not as limber as I used to be…

    Yes. You NEED to learn how. It’s like riding a bike — a basic skill everyone should have.

    1. @Lydia Sharp, haha! Now see, here’s the thing.. I’ve tried ALL that– I had the metal shoe skates, I’ve been on roller blades… I’ve done it ALL… What if I have a weird center of gravity or something? HAHA!

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