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Gaming, Gaming, Gaming…

So, as many of you know– I’m like to play a lot of video games. It’s fun, easy entertainment that you can do after your kids are in bed that doesn’t involve watching endless hours of mindless TV.

Gaming isn’t a solitary thing– maybe you’re killing zombies until 4am with your buds via voice chat, or rolling through bingo card after bingo card with people you don’t even know, it’s just nice to know that you’ve got people to play with. When I think about the super friends I’ve made through gaming– well, dude– is somebody cutting onions up in here?

Speaking of Zombies– Have you SEEN Dead Island? Holy crap, it’s a great game– even if it does have the weirdest group matching system of any game I’ve ever played…

The quests are cool, the story line is fantastically woven into the action,

And it’s beautifully bloody in a way that I can’t describe.



Just looking at that screenshot makes me want to play it right now. (But that would be weird because it’s 8am, and I don’t feel like you should kill zombies before at least ten.)

I wouldn’t say I spend too much time gaming, but that’s only because it’s not something I want to admit to myself. I still feel in the minority when it comes to the girl-gamer thing, but that is totally changing, and I would say there are more of us out there than ever! It’s always nice when you run into another of the female persuasion– it’s like insta-cool points.

So, now I have to know…What’s your favorite game of all time?

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