What fun!

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Well, I spent all weekend dealing with a sick kid, and that is not the fun I am talking about! hehe the fun I AM talking about is the fun going on at ScrapLove right now! I am actually seeing scrapping on my scrapbooking website. This is such a big deal to me, because I have really been missing it! I am loving all the great challenges, contests, and virtual crops we have going on. There is so much going on there right now, and I have such a great group of girls that they are doing so much because they want to see ScrapLove be great! That means so very much to me…. to see these girls doing things for the sake of ScrapLove, and to watch SL become better each day. I am having a LOT of fun with it all…. We had our first challenge this week, and this was the first time people had to get voted off… that totally broke my heart… I wish I could just have a DT with 60 people on it! That would have made things so much better… fortunately, Monica came up with the idea to have the players vote off and not us, and that made it a little better because I didn’t have to PERSONALLY vote anyone off… but it still sucked to see people who had been working so hard get voted off. But, enough about that! The contest is fun, and this weeks challenge is HARD! haha glad I don’t have to do it! I think I am going to try though 🙂

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  1. the cybercrop was so much fun! thanxs for that!

  2. Lve the look of your boog girl! Your contest is great!! thanks for letting me particiapte!!

  3. the challenges are totally rocking! it is great to see inspiration from new and old members alike 🙂

  4. I’d have an ulcer if I had to vote someone out!!

    And I am loving all of the action in the gallery!! It even got *ME* to scrapping again!!! ScrapLove just keeps getting better and better… all the scrapping, the fabulous challenges, the cool new stuff in the store… :banana: